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Clients of all types and backgrounds have discovered how counseling can help provide the tools needed to become a better version of themselves. See what they are saying about their work Kristine.

“Until I had my first session with Kristine, I felt no one understood what I was going through. She helped me tremendously with learning how to deal with my situation. I now have a new perspective on life because of Kristine’s guidance and help. You will start seeing positive results if you are patient, listen to her feedback and work on your part. I highly recommend Kristine and am very grateful for her help.” 

- S.C.

- S.C.

"I use the word prescience to describe Kristine. It means perceptiveness, wisdom, insight providence. I believe this word applies to her in a very important way...of really having a more experienced way of looking at life! For me, you have been a very important part of my sobriety and I thank you for your prescience

- Kim

"Thank you for all your time and wisdom. I can't explain how much my soul benefits from our sessions. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to learn from such a kind,  enlightened woman."

- Holly

"I was blown away. Can't get [Thee Earth School] out of my head. It captivated me.

You may be on to something!”

- Cyndie

"I love Earth School! Kristine brilliantly creates a magical yet practical learning environment that is both safe and supportive. Earth School fits perfectly with the spiritual principles of the 12 step program of recovery."

- Judy

“I saw Kristine for my therapist for three months, one day a week for one hour. In my honest opinion, Kristine was a very important part of my recovery, I would recommended her in the highest regard.” 

- Angel

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