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"It is the healthy people who come to counseling." - Kristine


Healthy people seek support when they need insight into their problems. After 30 plus years as a therapist I find that the person I sit with is strong and perceptive about their own issues, willing to do the inner work necessary to better their life.

Change is not always easy.


It can be frightening to take the steps you probably already sense you might need to make to prepare for your happier new life. This is natural. I’ve learned in my own life that fear has often stopped or hindered my stepping into new choices and experiences. It is also my experience that once I have confronted the nature of my fear, doors open and I am supported in ways I never imagined. The fear is transformed and my life expands. I encourage you to take the challenge to explore your fear!

Patience is needed.


Change is a process. It takes time. I regard myself a teacher who is able to share insight into your specific situation. Former clients would tell you that my direct, clear feedback has helped them to see their life in new and positive ways. Ways that enabled them to step boldly into new ways of acting and communicating with the others in their lives who impact them the most. In most cases, this does not happen in a session or two and you should be prepared to commit to your own counseling journey together.

Honesty is key.


It has been my experience that when a person can make the choices that are right and honest for them, choices that evolve from their own deepest inner truth, the right thing happens for EVERYONE who might be impacted by those choices. Your journey IS about you for sure, And it will impact others. My goal in working together is to be mindful of an additional desire: that your changes are for the “highest good” of everyone involved in your change. Finding your inner truth about your unique circumstances ensures that this happens

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